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Hoer There

German designed and made, customizable dj workstation hoerboard Scomber Mix hides most of the cable mess behind the mixer and decks. Hook it up with different colors and finishes, and even set up battle style! via Minimalissimo

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Time-lapse, Technics 1200, Tron Legacy audio—what's not to like? Kim Pimmel mixes old school time-lapse, stop motion photography with some Processing–controlled lights. via Gizmodo

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Just Incase

Of course Incase would apply their design aesthetic to a dj booth—it goes in line with their brand philosophy "a better experience through good design." This one-off piece can be found in their San Francisco design studio along with other custom furniture all throughout save for the classic Vitsœ shelving by Dieter Rams.

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Teenage Foam Turntable

Teenage Engineering designed and built a working prototype Styrofoam Turntable as an idea for a DIY kit. They also make the amazing OP-1 portable synth, sequencer, sampler, controller.

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Vinyl Work Ware

In America, Carhartt is mostly utilitarian clothing while across the pond and elsewhere it's a fashion and lifestyle brand. As part of their 2009 Fall/Winter Collection, they introduce a limited-edition of the Vestax Handy Trax USB portable turntable. Good for your diggin' expeditions!

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High Street Rubbish

One in a series of "Objects of Desire" for a Selfridges window display by artist Gareth Holt.

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Wheels On Steel

Turntables and mixer embedded in Metrofarm DJ desk made of folded stainless steel with mirror finish. Love the wireless look, but wary of spinning with white gloves. via The Cool Hunter

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Paper Playin'

John Pawson just might like this minimal "fully working, manual record player made entirely of paper" by designer and artist Simon Elvins.

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