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Time-lapse, Technics 1200, Tron Legacy audio—what's not to like? Kim Pimmel mixes old school time-lapse, stop motion photography with some Processing–controlled lights. via Gizmodo

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In the 1981 film "Diva," protagonist Jules makes a bootleg recording of his favorite opera singer. His kit of choice is the portable Nagra IV-S, which some say is still the best 2-channel analog tape recorder ever made. Illustration by Yukio Miyamoto.

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Ammunition Beats

Beats by Dr. Dre by Ammunition. Robert Brunner and company involved with product, naming, packaging, and strategy.

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Teenage Foam Turntable

Teenage Engineering designed and built a working prototype Styrofoam Turntable as an idea for a DIY kit. They also make the amazing OP-1 portable synth, sequencer, sampler, controller.

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Vinyl Work Ware

In America, Carhartt is mostly utilitarian clothing while across the pond and elsewhere it's a fashion and lifestyle brand. As part of their 2009 Fall/Winter Collection, they introduce a limited-edition of the Vestax Handy Trax USB portable turntable. Good for your diggin' expeditions!

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Paper Playin'

John Pawson just might like this minimal "fully working, manual record player made entirely of paper" by designer and artist Simon Elvins.

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