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Hoer There

German designed and made, customizable dj workstation hoerboard Scomber Mix hides most of the cable mess behind the mixer and decks. Hook it up with different colors and finishes, and even set up battle style! via Minimalissimo

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Close (to the Edit)

Clever poster series Edits by Edit with different designers each representing a different musical genre.

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Photographer Lyle Owerko and inimitable Fab 5 Freddy talk boomboxes with NPR Music.

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Triple Decker

Jack White puts a 7" record inside a 12" record. For real. Watch the extraction at about 1:15. Jack designed and United Record Pressing built the triple decker record. Label Thirdman Records’ tagline is "Your Turntable's Not Dead"—nice sentiment.

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The Tronic

Amazing, amazing Si Scott illustrated the roots of electronic music for Electronic Poet.

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Head Space Odyssey

Monolith meet stereophonic TMA-1. Its name is a nod to 2001: A Space Odyssey. Minimal, rugged, black DJ headphones designed by KiBiSi for AIAIAI not an alien race. via Arkitip Intel and Dezeen

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Time-lapse, Technics 1200, Tron Legacy audio—what's not to like? Kim Pimmel mixes old school time-lapse, stop motion photography with some Processing–controlled lights. via Gizmodo

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Back To The Label

Stones Throw throws down the gauntlet in t-shirt form. Read The Label: The Label Logos Shirt features 167 classic labels—name them all and win a shirt. Can you?

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